Nipissing University


Nipissing University is a very important and respectable university in the art department and it is located in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. The university dates back to the 1900s when the North Bay Normal School and the Laurentian University were united. It offers a lot of interesting courses which can be taken full time or part time. If you want to go online the address of the university is One thing that makes it appealing is the fact that it offers a Education Masters Course.

The website is very easy to navigate and you have small chances of getting lost. Here you will find the presentation of the university and all the courses and programs it offers. Each program has subsections: entry requirements, fees, courses. If you want to learn more about the Master of Education you can look for it in the programs list or you can go at the top and search.
The portal is equipped with all the information that you will need if you want to apply for a course at Nipissing University. There are sections for future students and for current student and you can pick the category you are in.
One thing that not most university websites have and they should is a menu where you can search a certain professor or department and get a contact. This is very useful because sometimes there are PHD foreign students who want to talk to a certain professor from the university and they can not because such a section does not exist.
Though this site you can get a feeling of what happens at the university because they have and event section, a donation section and sports section. You can program your calendar this way if you want to attend some events or get involved in some humanitarian projects.
For example, the Master of Education program like all the other programs has a detailed presentation. You are told what you will do in the program and what the purpose of it is. You can take notes on what documents you need in order to sign for this program and when it is the deadline.
I have to say that the Nipissing University has a good website which reflects the personality of the university. You can notice that it was done by a professional because the pages load quickly and the layout is of great quality.