Painting with Time App


Red Hill studios has just released the Painting with time app which will give you an entire new look on the world. The app won an special award given by the Bay Area. The company who developed the game is of trans media design that specializes on making applications for health, and science games, all available online. If you know the Exploring times documentary series you should know that the Red Hill Studios made it. At first you may not see it as something interesting but as soon as you start using it you will see why it is called a very brilliant design idea. Through this application for the iPad you will change how you see the world and it will one your mind to other ideas.

You can have a lot of fun using the Painting with Time iPad app. It give you the possibility to paint on your tablet using brushes and play with time in a given area. To understand better you should go online and see the demo and the screenshots.

There are some features whit are available in the app store and they are:
-14 carefully crafted time sequences of nature, art, and people
-painting Time manipulation mode
-slicing Time manipulation mode
-8 preset brushes and slicing patterns
-“Mix and Merge” capability to merge a variety of time views within composites

The first feature, the 14 custom images, lets you explore the ways through which you can change the world around you with the simple touch of a brush. One of the images is that of San Francisco, one of the most beautiful cities. Here you can observe the change on light in a day. With the Painting with Time app you can add different time frames one on top of the other and create interesting looks. Other images are ones on which you observe the damages the change of climate does to our environment. They are very eye opening to the ones who are not that informed about this issue.

There are 5 different brushes available on the Painting with Time app, brushes with which you can explore the world. The app is available online and it is free. This app will help you expand your view of the world and be aware of how we can change it. We are sure that you are going to love it. For more information you should go online.