Quitting cigarette smoking


Smoking has become a serious issue for more and more people all over the world. Almost 4 million people are victims of this awful addiction and as a result they finally die. The diseases that appear as a consequence of the habit of smoking are seriously affecting people’s health and it would be a real pity if they do not do anything in order to stop them.
Of all the people who make efforts in order to quit cigarette smoking, only one in ten manage to achieve their goal. Even though there have been made expensive anti-smoking campaigns, people cannot take into account the waste of time they make.

Nevertheless, people do not feel as wrongly influenced as they were on their first try and become confident in trying to quit cigarette smoking once again. This is why in order to start the process of quitting cigarette smoking you have to be aware of some very important facts that result from this bad habit that you got used to. Among the most impressive reasons that you should take into account, there are the followings. A person that smokes is susceptible of suffering from cancer. In case you have heard of lung cancer, you will be able to understand the gravity of the problem.
Pregnant mothers are also warned in order to quitting cigarette smoking, mainly because of specific syndromes that can affect their health and life. If family health is important for you, and it probably is, then women will think twice before smoking while they are with child.

The risks they have to take are even higher. Also, women can have problems with menopause, as a consequence of smoking. Those who have been smoking since they were very young are likely to get to menopause at very early ages.
Also, if you are not attentive to quitting cigarette smoking, you can have problems with your bones. They will become thinner and thinner and if for women the level of estrogen is decreased, for men the erectile dysfunction is a serious trouble. There are moments when this type of affections cannot be treated with medicines and unfortunately nothing can be done, except for quitting cigarette smoking.
This very serious issue must raise a question mark for every person that has spent so much money on this type of drugs, because we are all responsible for everything that happens to us and this is why we are the only one that can do something in order to modify this situation.