Ribbon decoration ideas for your wedding


A wedding is the most important event of someone’s life and everybody wants to make it as special as possible. With so many weddings happening every year, it can be difficult to bring some original ideas to the table. If you want your wedding to be one of a kind, then a few decorating tips may help you create the wedding of your dreams. You can start out by purchasing the ribbons of your choice. You will be able to find a variety of options online, on websites such as http://theribbonroom.co.uk/. You might be wondering, how you can use this common decorative item to set up the spectacular decorations you want.

Exclusive table ornaments

Everybody knows that nothing from the wedding reception is as important as design of the interior. You can add some sparkle to the room in which the reception will take place, by using just a few ribbons. You can choose the colours that match the theme of the wedding, but if you want the place to be as elegant as possible, you can opt for a white and gold colour combination. Certainly, everybody is tired of seeing the same dull white chairs. Choose to be different! You can tie from the top of each chair stripes of ribbons, and this way you will give them a touch of originality. If you have chosen a black and white theme for the wedding, you can give it a twist by opting for a vibrant colour for the ribbon decorations, such as red or burgundy. Another idea you can use, would be creating a personalised tie for the menus. It will look sophisticated and classy. If you want to go all the way to impress the people attending the wedding, you can create your own chandleries by covering the lights hanging from the ceiling with ribbons that match the flower ornaments from the tables. Choose a proper length to create more amazing results.

It is all about the ceremony

The ceremony is the most important part of a wedding. If you really want your wedding to be a fairy-tale one, then you should opt for an outdoor ceremony. Even though it might seem a lot of work, you can easily create the perfect outdoor space for the ceremony. Choose small flowers in a neutral colour and tie them with the help of ribbons around each chair. If the flowers should be in a more neutral tone, the ribbons can be in a vivid colour. You can even choose one that  matches your bouquet. Another unique idea could be creating a ceremony structure. You do not have to spend a fortune to build it. Use some wood to create a canopy and then decorate it with stripes of ribbon. It will give the ceremony a bohemian atmosphere that both you and your guests can enjoy. You can improvise from here and create other special decorations as well. Designing a one of a kind wedding is not that hard if you have some imagination.