Screened porch


Nowadays, having a beautiful house is a must if you want to be respected and also, to get a flawless reputation. Still, not many of us can afford the investment, so spending your money as needed can make your house get the look you always craved for. Also, in case the foundation is solid, then you won’t have why to worry again about having to deal with house problems. Having said that, the Solid Construction team is the one certificated for such a hard work, such as for screened porch. It is worldwide known that the outside of your house has the major impact on others, so in order to keep up with the new you will have to go for them. Stick with us for more details and insights of a perfect appearance!

In case you are looking for screened porch for your old or new house, the first thing you need to know about them concerns the interior view – it is completely suitable for anyone who wishes to have a large exterior view. Also, in case you want to have a specific construction and design of screened porch, you can easily get it by calling the Solid Construction team. In addition, from outside, the screened porch is quite small and simple, and also good looking. So, if you wish to give your home and garden a better appearance, start saving money for a new and innovating accessory! If you are scared that you may not afford such a porch, you can try to run an estimate before actually hiring anyone. Simply, measure the square footage of the area which will be turned into a porch. Do a different measurement for the area which will be screened and the area which will be made of wood. If you don’t know how to calculate square footage, simply access Once you have your measurements, you can see how much wood and glass you will need. You can also give these measurements to a local construction company which specializes in screened porches and they can provide you with a cost estimate which also contains the cost of the labor.

In case you wish to find more about the screened porch models and strength, keep reading and also, access the link mentioned above. The bead-board covered keeps the ceiling fan from crowding the space and adds to the spacious feel of the porch. Since the appearance is flawless and also, the space is bigger, there’s no wonder why the screened porch is such a good choice for a house.

In conclusion, the choice is yours – still, for a full coverage and understanding, we recommend accessing the link above, and seeing all the models already done by the Solid Construction team. Since out on the market are projects that can suit every single one of us, there’s no wonder if there exists a screened porch that can get you the outcome expected. Give your house a new appearance wish a solid foundation for a better appearance and keeping, only by doing a small effort that will have a big and significant effect on you and your house!