Skydiving – The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush


From ancient times people have always fantasized about flying. There is a certain beauty about a perfect blue sky that makes us want to explore it. However who ever though that once we would find a way to fly, we would be looking for a way to fall. Skydiving is one of the most exciting experiences. In order to experience this activity you need to let go of all your fears and dive in the blue sky as if it were a crystal blue sea. Although most people fantasize about this activity as a once in a time experience, for others it is a sport. Furthermore this activity is also used in military purposes.

This activity was developed at the beginning of the 20th century. Over the years it was perfected in order to eliminate collision risks. Although nowadays it is a rather safe activity, in the U.S about 20 people still lose their lives each year when performing this sport. An accident can happen either due to malfunctioning equipment or human error. Most parachuting centers are required to equip the skydivers with two parachutes in order to eliminate the risk of a malfunctioning parachute. Furthermore some parachutes have an electronic device which drives them to open automatically at an appropriate altitude. Despite the fact that some unfortunate incidents happen from time to time, skydiving is rather safe.

The great thing about skydiving is the fact that although at first you may feel powerless, when you eventually face your fears you become infinitely stronger. Furthermore this activity can be quite fun especially if it is done with a group. There are even some games and tricks that can make this sport more enjoyable. For example the skydivers can race towards a destination point. The person who manages to land closest to an object wins. Another great way to have fun is to improve your tracking skills. This allow you to move horizontally while you are in a free fall.

There are very little moments in life that compare to the intensity of feelings felt when skydiving. If you wish to immortalize this moment you can hire a professional to make a video of you while you are in the air. Various groups of people even perform certain tricks like using their bodies to form writing or various shapes. You can even jump with an object such as inflatable raft or a motorcycle. However when performing this activity you must make sure that the area where you are jumping is unpopulated as the object will eventually crash. And if you truly are a daredevil you can even try night diving. This requires a lot of skills and a more elaborate equipment but the experience of diving into the darkness is mind blowing.