The Best Basketball Drills


Basketball is a sport of talent and exercise. Being naturally gifted is irrelevant unless your practice. There are certain moves that you need to exercise a lot in order to master them. Passing, shooting and dribbling can all be improved with the help of a few training techniques. A good coach knows how to improve the individual skill of each player but unless the player is dedicated he won’t be able to better himself. Today we are going to discuss some basic basketball drills that you can practice alone or with the help of a friend. If you want to make things seem more real, you can visit a dedicated NBA shop and get the uniform of your favorite team. this will surely help you focus better.

As basketball is a team sport so passing is one of the main skills that need to be developed. There are some basic drills that one can try out in order to improve his passing skill. For example you can start by facing a wall at a 2 feet distance and make rapid passes against the wall. With each pass you move two feet farther away from the wall until you are bout ten feet away and then you start to move closer again. While this is a good solo exercise passes are best practiced with a partner. So the most simple yet most efficient thing you can do is practice with a partner. Keep a 15 feet distance between the two of you and then start by practicing some passes such as the chest pass, the bounce pass or the overhead pass.

Dribbling is also an essential part of this sport and there are some basketball drills that have proven very efficient in this matter. Power Crossovers is the most basic type of dribbling. It evolves power dribbling in one hand and then quickly switching to the other hand. A good trick when practicing alone is to use a blindfold when power dribbling. This way you can improve your tactile sense. You can also dribble between your legs when walking, dribble two balls at the same time or you can sprint while dribbling. These are but a few exercises that will improve your dribbling skills.

Last but not least shooting skills must also be developed. After all in the end it is the points that win a game. In order to practice your shooting you can try various basketball drills. You can try to shoot from various angles. Try to replicate a shot 7 consecutive times before moving on to a new one. You can also use this method on distance shots. Pick a comfortable distance and try to make a number of consecutive shots. When you succeed move farther away. Due to the fact that during a game you don’t always have the privilege to take a shot without anybody interrupting you, it is essential that you also practice running shots. Again, you can make things more interesting by getting a uniform from your favorite NBA shop, as this way you will know what is like to play in that type of uniform and recreate the vibe.