Five Tips for Promoting Your Beauty Supplement Business

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If you’re really passionate about health, wellness and beauty, a supplement business is a great one to start. You can enjoy the benefits of working full-time in a field you love. However, when you’re dealing with private label supplements, it’s important to understand that you’re going to need to do some convincing first. Consider the following ways you can actively promote your beauty supplements to the world.

1. Talk about the ingredients
One of the reasons why many people don’t like supplements is because they aren’t FDA-approved. Knowing this, it’s wise to be very transparent regarding the ingredients in your supplement, and why people should buy it. You might even decide to offer a risk-free guarantee with each sale. However, make sure that you talk about the different ingredients and their benefits. People can’t argue with facts. So, as long as you remain honest and truthful, you’ll develop a following that appreciates products made with integrity.

2. Show customer reviews
Remember that customer reviews are such a big component of your success. If people aren’t enjoying the product, they will spread the word. Even if people are saying negative things about the product, use those words as fuel to improve your product and brand. Also, make sure to reply to everyone who leaves a customer review. Whether it’s good or bad, comment because it shows other potential consumers that you’re paying attention.

3. Partner with influencers
Influencer marketing is major on sites like Instagram and YouTube. If you can develop a partnership with a major social media influencer, this will help your brand tremendously. Make sure you’re connecting with an influencer who would naturally use the private label supplements. If you’re reaching out to an influencer who’s a comedian, that partnership will really look inauthentic. However, if you find a beauty influencer who’s passionate about great ingredients, skin improvement and more, you’ve found your match.

4. Develop an active online presence
Think about your target market. If you’d like to sell to Millennial women who want to repair acneic skin, make sure your marketing reflects that. Most Millennials are on SnapChat and Instagram. Create interesting content on those platforms regularly. Ask questions, provide answers and spark a dialogue with your target audience. The more accessible you feel, the more relatable you’ll become.

5. Maintain good business practices
When people purchase the supplements, they should be able to receive a tracking number, receipt, and notifications regarding the shipping process. If your supplements are awaiting fulfillment, make sure the customers are aware of this. If you know that a specific product is temporarily unavailable, list it as sold out on the website. It’s also wise to indicate that it’s awaiting fulfillment. However, when people see the words ‘sold out’, it triggers a sense of urgency. If a product is sold out, people obviously really love it.