Traditional vs. Digital Art | Why is Digital Art Becoming More Popular


When you think about traditional vs. digital arts, the most obvious difference is that digital artwork is created using a computer. Traditional art is what you make using your own tho hands, like painting on a canvas, drawing with a real pencil on real paper, sculpting, pottery and old fashioned darkroom photography. Actually the two art forms are very similar and many artists blend them into a hybrid, like sketching on real paper before you upload and detail it on the computer. There is no better art form, both use drawing techniques, color theory and require good hand-eye coordination.


Watercolor vs oil

Saying that in the traditional vs. digital arts dispute one is better is like saying that watercolor is better than oil, or pastel better than acrylic. The artist is the one that creates an art piece, not the means he uses. Each has advantages and disadvantages and a digital piece can be as complex and hard to create as a traditional piece. Artists use digital mediums to create sketches for traditional paintings and project them on canvas, and pencil sketches that they scan and use for digital purposes.

Digital is cleaner

In a world dominated by technological innovation, access to digital means is easy to obtain. Everybody owns a computer and uses it every day, it is not hard to learn a software and it doesn’t make a mess. Buying the materials required for traditional art forms is a monthly investment. Some artist have to wear masks, goggles and gloves in darkrooms or print rooms for safety reasons and use solvents to clean up.

The “undo” button

Digital artists that don’t use photo manipulation paint as a traditional artist would on real canvas, spending many hours and using different techniques. Working with programs like Lightware or Blender can be difficult, but there are some advantages, like layers and the “undo” button. If you make a mistake you can easily correct it, or if you want to change something in your composition. You can easily modify your canvas until everything is just the way you want it.

Grows as you grow

As time goes by you evolve and learn new techniques that you can apply to your previous digital artwork. Because they can be edited, your pieces always get better and you can work on them for many years. Some even use digital work to repair old traditional art that degraded or has defects.

Different, not better

The more you discuss about traditional vs. digital arts the more you realize that both means have pros and cons and both are beautiful and complex. Each artist is different and finds more satisfaction from using one of the two art forms, or even combine them.