Fun on the go – here are trendy free smartphone games

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How often do you wait at the ticket counter, in the waiting room or in the supermarket queue for your turn as quickly as possible? But by simply staring into the air waiting times are usually felt to be even longer. Games apps for mobile phones offer a way out. Annoying waiting times or daily journeys in public transport can be significantly reduced with mobile gaming. The variety of mobile games is now almost unlimited. Whether action hero, sports fanatic, strategy tinkerer or skill master – there are suitable smartphone games for every taste.

Just like the best PA online casinos, mobile games like Candy Crush, Pokémon Go or Angry Birds have long had cult status and can be found on countless smartphones. But the selection of great games is much larger. These cool game apps with addictive factor provide variety in mobile gaming!

Homeescapes – From the shack to the dream villa

Content of the free game app: The lovable butler Austin faces a serious dilemma: his beautiful old family villa has long since passed its best days and therefore needs a fundamental renovation. This is where the task of the player, who is supposed to help Austin in the role of the interior designer, let the villa shine in a new light.

There are various small logic games (so-called match 3 games) to solve, for which you get coins. These can then be invested in chic new furnishings in Austin’s villa. So you can set up the villa piece by piece according to your own ideas – there is a huge selection with thousands of design options available. Small games are also used to cope with the renovation work, in which you have to arrange three identical objects in a row of three. While you embellish the villa according to your personal taste, you will always learn new, exciting chapters and secrets from the family history of Austin.

Bubble Witch 3 Saga – The adventurous smartphone game with witch Stella

In this game of skill, the witch Stella needs to be helped to free the owls and fairies locked up by the evil Wilbur. This is achieved by bursting as many colorful bubbles as possible in so-called bubble shooter puzzles – and thereby helping the owls caught in some bubbles to freedom.

Together with Stella you travel through twenty varied chapters in the magic realm and are temporarily supported by other characters with special abilities. Different additional tasks offer further variety. The

Flip Master App – The coolest trampoline tricks

Trampoline jumping is much more than just jumping. This becomes clear at the latest when you succeed in the first spectacular somersault or flick flack in the trampoline game Flip Master. By constantly honing your skills on the trampoline with different, customizable characters and learning new cool jumps, a real addictive factor quickly develops. Thanks to state-of-the-art graphics technologies, an authentic feel quickly arises.

There are always new places where the trampoline is located, as well as gradually unlockable skills and new tricks. So-called “power-ups”, i.e. additional objects on the trampoline, make jumps even more spectacular. The coolest tricks and moves can even be recorded so that you can show them to friends later.

Clash Royale – addicting strategy battles in multiplayer game

Fancy medieval battles with strategic elements? Then the Game Clash Royale is just the thing! The game offers a real eSport experience on the smartphone. Here you fight over the Internet against real multiplayer opponents for victory. The gameplay is simple and easy to learn. There are always two players facing each other as opponents in a virtual arena with three castles on each side. The goal is to level the opponent’s three castles or at least do them as much damage as possible – and thereby achieve victory! Players have 3 minutes per battle, which makes the game dynamic.

Attacks on the opponent are started using previously created card decks. Each card represents a specific combat unit: for example, archers, dragons or knights. If a card is placed on the battlefield, the corresponding combat unit appears immediately and attacks the opponent. Of course, this counteracts with its own units. Obstacles and special attacks make every skirmish even more gripping. For battles won, you receive rewards that unlock new combat units and special abilities. So the motivation does not fall by the wayside.