Types Of Sparkling Wine


Sparkling wine is a sophisticated effervescent wine that is very popular around the world. The first documented production of this type of wine was in Italy during the 17th century. Nowadays various countries have their own specific effervescent wine. The most popular fuzzy wine is Champagne , a french beverage that is exclusively produced in the Champagne region of France. Over the years people have associated Champagne with all types of effervescent wine. However the production as well as the wine grapes are different for many types of bubbly wine.

In ancient times the fermentation process was a mystery for everyone. It was often associated with magic or the phases of the moon. After certain studies, it was discovered that it could be used in the production of various beverages. Sparkling wine can be produced in 3 ways. The first method of producing it involves artificially inserting CO2 in the beverage. However this method is used for producing lower quality wine. The bubbles are too big and are easily dispersed in the glass. The second method of producing this type of wine is by making the wine go through a second fermentation and bottle it under pressure. The third method is called the champenoise method and it involves a second fermentation that takes place in the bottle. This process is used for creating high quality beverages such as Champagne. It creates small, long lasting bubbles. The last method is more complex. It is called the transfer method and it is similar to the champenoise. The difference is that after undergoing a second fermentation in the bottle the wine is transferred into a tank.

France is home to some of the finest sparkling wines in the world. Aside from Champagne, in this country you will also find Cremant, Cremand de Loire, Blanquette de Limoux, Bugey Cerdon and Clairette de Die. After Champagne, the most famous type of efervescent wine is the Cava produced in Catalonia, Spain. This type of wine. It can be white or rosė and has several levels of sweetness and dryness: brut, brut reserve, brut nature, sec, demisec and dolsec. Italy has its own version of bubbly wine and it is called Proseco. It is a refreshing lemony wine that can go very well with seafood. Proseco is also very affordable which makes it a very popular drink in Italy. Furthermore it is used for creating the famous Venetian Cocktail, the Bellini. Around the world you will find many more types of sparkly wine, usually named after their region.