Understanding modern poetry


Modern poetry is a type of literally art that was created within the modernism literally movement. The origins of this movement can be traced back to the 1880’s. This poetry genre usually includes European and North American poems written since the last years of the nineteen century until the middle of the 20th century. This type of poetry is not for a casual reader due to the fact that it implies complex analysis of the inner thoughts of the authors.

During the time when modernist poetry was created, literary artist were feeling overwhelmed by a constantly changing society. Cities were getting louder and filled with crowds. Suffocated by modern society, poets felt less like individual beings and more like small parts of a big machine. Due to this fact modern poems are focused on exploring unique inner thoughts and feelings in order to distinguish themselves as individuals in a sea of people. While some may argue that this type of poetry is an abandonment of classical techniques and methods, the style of modern poetry is based on a different foundation. Poets wished to evolve beyond conventional literature. Rather than being a separation from traditionalism, modernism is the next step in the development of literary art.

Unlike classical poems, modern poems are rarely structured in an organized and legible manner. The reason for this is the fact that most of the modern poets felt lost in a new world therefore their seemingly unorganized thoughts are merely an expression of their feelings. The lack of structure in modern poems often makes the readers miss the essence of the poem and abandon this genre. It is even harder to understand by students who have been anchored in traditional literature for most of their school years. In order for them to properly understand and analyze modern poetry they must first learn about the context in which modern literature was developed. Reading about the rise of the population and the growth of the cities as well as the effects of the war will help create an image of the poets’ struggle to integrate themselves into this new world without loosing their originality. Amongst the most famous modern poets we will encounter Marianne Moore, William Carlos Williams, Jean Toomer and Ezra Pound. Furthermore “The love Song of Alfred Prufrock” written by T.S. Eliot is one of the most renowned and most representative poems of this genre. If you wish to explore this type of poetry it is essential for you to research the context in which the modernism movement occurred.