Wedding rings: symbols, forms, recommendations


For better or worse, a marriage is known as a union between two people. Since ancient times, it has been accompanied by a ring which symbolizes a circle without ending. At first, it was only the bride who received the gift of the ring as proof of her husband’s love. Though, then, he decided that his wife needs to receive more than a ring, which is why, today, searching for wedding bands is an event organized by both of them. Nowadays, weddings are no longer spiritual events but social events which follow certain trends. Most of the times, when planning their weddings, women seek inspiration in their favorite celebrities which is why there are a lot of beauty blogs which feature various celebrity wedding hairstyles or Hollywood inspired wedding dresses. Nevertheless, the wedding ring should not be subject to fleeting trends since it is a jewelry piece that it worn on a daily basis.

We know from history that ancient Egypt is the place where has first seen the process of placing wedding bands on the ring finger. Today, we have plenty of models and metals from which wedding rings can be made from. The most suitable for you marriage are though, the yellow gold wedding rings, due to their purity and prosperity’s symbols. Also, since yellow is the color of the sun, it is said that if you have yellow gold rings, you are going to have a bright and warm marriage.

There are plentiful combinations you could choose from; the first one on the list is the combination between yellow, white and red gold that symbolizes harmony and openness to new. As years go on, they become more and more popular, so they are up on the first places on top trends. The wedding ring’s shape which is usually round symbolizes possession of truth, perfection and infinity. They are called also “crown in miniature”, due to their appearance which is known to be as the groom crown made by a priest. The round shape also avoids you from any damages.

Moving on to the next model, we met the square wedding rings. Being the antonym of the round wedding rings, those symbolize the nonconformity. These models are avant-garde and are usually worn by those who have large hands or long phalanges. Both way, wedding rings are the most precious jewels in a marriage, and as far as we know a marriage can not be done without them. While chosen with careful, you need to take into account their quality and appearance, because a fact which needs a big importance is that you will have to wear it years from now on, and it will be the prove of a long happy marriage and the object which will mostly remember you the memories spent with the ones you love.

As you can see, there are various types of wedding rings. You can find more inspiration on this subject on various celebrity blogs where you can also find celebrity wedding hairstyles or other wedding related topics which are inspired by the lifestyles of famous people.