What to Plant in Your Garden Box


There are many types of plants that grow very well in containers as long as they are given the proper space, light, water and nutrients. Garden boxes are suitable for a large variety of herbs, vegetables, fruits, flowers and exotic tropical plants. In addition, growing plants in containers is easy. Simply follow the container gardening tips presented bellow.

What Herbs to Grow in Garden Boxes?

Most herbs are hardy and adapt easily in a garden box. Because herbs usually require a lighter soil than other plants, make sure you mix light sand and gravel with the soil and the other organic matter in the container. For growing Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary or thyme, the light soil is a necessity. If you want cutting fresh herbs for your cooking, you can fill a garden box with all kinds of culinary herbs such as parsley, basil, sage, oregano, chives, sweet marjoram and cilantro. They will not only grow in a season, but they will also grow well in winter if you provide them enough light.

What Vegetables to Plant in Garden Boxes?

When looking for container gardening tips, try to understand that each plant is different and has different needs. Vegetables are generally easy to grow in garden boxes. Tomato plants need at least 3 feet of soil and a sturdy stake or trellis. Providing great vegetables for salads and grilling, bush zucchinis require medium to large containers. You can also plant peppers, turnips, onions, carrots, cucumbers and whatever crosses your mind. If you want, you can even plant a pumpkin vine in a container, but make sure you give it a lot of water and fertilizers, as well as a good rich soil. Five to ten garden boxes will support almost the amount of vegetables of a small garden plot.

What Ornamental Plants to Grow in Garden Boxes?

Large containers are perfect for growing ornamental plants and shrubs. You can decorate your patios or decks with azaleas, ornamental grasses, bamboo or dwarf lilacs. Still, these ornamental plants require winter protection, so put them in a covered area where the temperature is at least 45 degrees Fahrenheit, otherwise they will die till spring.

What Exotic Plants to Grow in Garden Boxes?

Banana trees, passion flowers, bird of paradise flowers, orange trees or canna lilies are wonderful exotic tropical plants to grow in garden boxes. If the plants are mature and large, they need large containers and a large amount of soil. In addition, these garden boxes have to feature certain strength to move, so they cost more than other containers. Also provide these plants a controlled winter medium with adequate temperature and light.