Winter Garden Flowers


Even if it’s beautiful time or not, nature always finds a way to create variety and beauty in the garden, and winter is no exception. Here are the winter garden flowers that can transform your landscape from unfriendly and cold to a fantastic one.

  • With their ever green leaves and beautiful flowers, camellias (Camellia japonica) can become the stars of your garden. There are varieties of camellias for cold climates, so you can plant it in your yard. Camellias can reach 7 meters tall if you give them what they need: an acid soil (pH = 6) and wet, a shady spot and protected from the wind or air currents. Plant them in spring after the last frost.
  • Japanese maple is a tree native of Asia that can grow to 7 meters tall. This species is prized for its autumnal leaves that pass through the entire range of colors from gold to red, and certainly will captivate your neighbors. You have to give it a sandy soil with a pH=4 or p=H6, without much water, not very strong light and away from wind.
  • Another wonderful winter garden flowers are snowdrops, the guests of any garden because they survive even with the snow above them. Their tiny and white flowers, bell-shaped, can reach heights of 25cm. These flowers like quiet places, away from wind. The bulbs are planted in spring after the last frost. Snowdrops are very well suited for planting at the base of trees and shrubs.
  • Bergen is a perennial plant with green leaves in winter, which can grow to half a meter and produces a lot of flowers, intensely colored in shades from white to purple. In autumn its green leaves, heart-shaped, begin to change color, taking shades of bronze, purple and burgundy. The soil should be with a neutral pH or slightly acid, likes the sun and needs plenty of water.  You can plant it in spring or autumn.