4 Alternative Therapies Paul Kraus Used to Beat Mesothelioma

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Paul Kraus is known as the world’s longest surviving mesothelioma patient. He has survived with the disease for almost 21 years through a combination of dietary and lifestyle changes. What a lot of people fail to mention, though, are the various alternative therapies he tested.

Today he is going to share with you some of the alternative therapies he used to treat mesothelioma.

Vitamin C Therapy

Vitamin C therapy is one of the most controversial alternative treatments in use today for dealing with mesothelioma. There have been studies made into Vitamin C therapy and how it works.The mechanism behind it is that Vitamin C improves the immune system and synthesizes collagen. By strengthening the blood vessels, the muscles, and the bones the body is better prepared to defend itself against the invasion of cancerous cells.


Acupuncture has always been popular when it comes to Chinese medicine. But studies have demonstrated that cancer patients can be extremely beneficial in preventing pain and reducing stress.

But for cancer patients undergoing any form of chemotherapy, acupuncture has been proven to reduce vomiting.

This is essential because vomiting makes it difficult for patients to take in the essential nutrients they need to survive. Regular vomiting for mesothelioma patients can be fatal because of this.

Ozone Therapy

Highly oxygenated blood is useful for killing cancer cells. It is also good for growing cancer cells. Therefore, traditional ozone therapy has not worked in the past. But scientists have made a breakthrough. If there are white blood cells present which kill cancer, the body can actively overcome tumors.

This new type of ozone therapy has been proven to be effective against cancers like mesothelioma. But studies are still ongoing into how it treats mesothelioma.


Immunotherapy is a mainstream medical field. However, an emerging field within immunotherapy is cancer vaccines for patients who already have cancer.

Most people believe that immunotherapy is preventative, rather than designed to be a treatment. Doctors are changing that by examining how vaccines can be used to strengthen the body against cancers that it already has.

Immunotherapy can be used in a variety of forms. First, doctors may use weakened versions of a mesothelioma cancer cell to train the body to fight those cells. Trials are already starting!

Another option is to inject antibodies that were made in a laboratory to help fight extremely aggressive forms of cancer, such as mesothelioma.

In theory, immunotherapy could not just allow people like Paul Kraus to survive with the disease but may even provide a cure.

Last Word – Alternative Therapies are Real

Alternative therapies are simply cancer therapies that have not yet being widely used within the mainstream medical profession. They’re not based on hopes, dreams, and vague expectations. These are backed up by science. And stories like Paul’s demonstrate that there’s real potential within alternative cancer therapies.

What are your thoughts on mesothelioma patients using alternative treatment options such as the ones Paul Kraus has been using for the past two decades?