7Notes HD iPad App


This year we stumbled upon the 7Notes HD iPad app which allows you to take notes on your iPad using your handwriting. This writing application is very smart, it recognizes the curve of your words and individual letters which you write. When you are writing on your iPad with the 7Notes HD iPad app you need a stylus pen because it is hard to write with your finger. What makes this taking notes app better than the rest is the fact that it can recognize even the worst handwriting. To make a general impression regarding the 7Notes HD iPad app go online and watch the demo and the screenshots.

What makes the 7Notes HD iPad app stay in top is the fact that if the application does not recognize your writing it will offer you some options that you can choose from. When you are writing you can choose the font, the size of the writing and the color. You also have the following options: access a dictionary, save your notes automatic and auto scroll. After you have finished writing you have the possibility to convert your handwriting to text. This option is amazing because you can not do this with other apps.

Since it has all these options it comes at a somewhat high price. To download it you have to go online and pay 8.99 $. The price is quite high but there are a lot of advantages that come with it, some that are unique.

If you want to save notes on the 7Notes HD iPad app you can as PDF or Airprint. You have the possibility to send all your notes via email after you have saved them. To test it you can download the trail version at first and test it for a couple of days. If you like it you have to pay the price we mentioned earlier. We think that this app will work great with students because they are the ones that usually have to take a lot of notes at their classes. With the help of this program they will have the possibility to be more organized and send them to their colleagues. So, if you are the kind of person that takes a lot of notes or you need to take a lot of notes consider the 7Notes HD iPad app because even though it is a little expensive it is worth it.