Admire Ellicott Lady Tuxedo Chronograph Watch

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Dear audience, we are proud to show you the latest watch collection of Ellicott, called Cady Tuxedo Chronograph, that represents the women with well-shaped personalities, but still very fine and educated.
Now that the wraps have been removed, this new fantastic collection comes in front of you with watches of 37 mm diameters and a very resistant case, DLC-treated. The watches are made of back steel and 2 buttons at 2 and 4 o’clock, used to open and close or to reset the mechanism.

On the top of the case of every watch you can notice sapphire crystals and a special element that is anti-scratch. With that case you can place your watch 30 meters under water and nothing wrong will happen to its system.

The same collection comes up with a mother-of-pearl dial. According to your preferences, you can choose from black, white and pink. The hours and the minutes are placed in the center and the numerals are Arabic. You can see the seconds in a small place, next to 9 o’clock and it also has some software for chronograph. We will let you discover this detail with your own ability.

The mechanism for movement is caliber LTC.1 and it has a speed of 28,800 vibrations every hour. The power source-reserve is 37 hours. Ellicott Lady Tuxedo Chronograph Watch is a special jewel that surrounds your wrist with a strap made of black leather. It belongs to an alligator and you can close it using the DLC-buckle made of black steel, just as the rest of the watch mechanisms.

Would you refuse such an offer? Who would? It has almost anything you need from a watch! It is resistant, beautiful, elegant and the most important, it fits your personality! The materials used in order to obtain it reflect your strength and shows that you really deserve this art piece!

Such jewelry are to be bought with very collection, because watches have always served as visit cards for people from the high societies, for politicians, business people or even stars from Hollywood. Even though you might not be one of them, it will make you feel as if you were and your attitude will turn to an ascendant path! The way you talk, the way you choose your accessories and the ideals you have will be significantly upgraded and the beneficial consequences will not end up here!

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