American Tank Company


Are you looking for a way of storing chemical substances or only water? If yes, then the lives below are the ones which will fulfill your requirements.

Nowadays, storing water has become a condition on every continent, family, house and businesses. Still, you can get the elixir from so many other sources, and the fertilizers used to grow them come also with the same requirements. In this case, in order to get the outcome expected, there should be done some adjustments, so that the humanity will be able to do the every day routine – do the washing, extinguish the fire or water the plants.

Still, storing the water doesn’t resume just for the reasons mentioned above – if you find yourself starting a business involving the agriculture, animal growing field or any others where liquids are needed, you should go for the Bolted Steel Tanks. They will make you sure of having a long-term storage equipment. In case you are looking for one of them, here are some of the substances this material can cover: drinking or potable water, municipal water storage, rural water districts, small private water systems, subdivision water systems, fire protection – fire sprinkler water, waste water, process water, finish water, filtration, sludge storage and disinfection. Besides that, the Bolted Steel Tanks covers also a wide range of food, such as: flour, sugar, meals (Soybean, bone, fish, corn, meat, blood), dried distillers grain, starch, salt and milk solids.

But that’s not all – the Bolted Steel Tanks have, as well, the option of mineral & grain storage of lime, diatomaceous earth, barite, perlite, bentonite, calcium carbonate, alumina, gypsum, talc, silica, coal, kaolin clay, salt, ore, feldspar, phosphates and vermiculite. In case the company is based on the petroleum products, here are the ones which should be always found in there: crude oil storage, drilling fluids, mud, wastewater, distillates, fuel oil and frac water. Having said that, the Bolted Steel Tanks usage has already demonstrate the capacity, power and competition raised up by the American Tank Company.

Besides the fact of being no. 1 on the market, the American Tank Company covers also the chemicals, bio-fuels and power generation fields, available in sizes up to 3 million gallons. You can see the products made by the Company from far, as being used in commercial and industrial applications all over America. From a simple bottle of water to the gigantic Bolted Steel Tanks, the American Tank Company has rose from below to the number one company from all around U.S. in a short period of time. Now, it’s up to you. What will be your choice?