Organic Hair Color


If you want to dye your hair but you do not want to use chemicals organic hair colors is the way to go. The normal hair colors contain ammonia which damages your hair but the organic hair color does not. The only down side about it is that it does not last as long as the normal dye. On the other hand you have a lot of advantages: your hair will stay healthy, looking shinny and you will have a different color than your natural one.

Many brands claim to contain natural ingredients when in fact it is not true. One of the most popular hair colorant is henna. It has been used for decades and it is still the most natural way to color your hair. You can only go dark or change the shade of your color with it. To get a lighter color of your hair you have to use an ingredient which is called peroxide. To make your hair lighter using and organic hair color you have to apply peroxide on your hair.

You can find henna anywhere on the market. Some women think that it is very hard to find this ingredient and that it is very expensive so they give up from the start. The truth is that you can find henna in any market or organic store and it has a reasonable price. You can buy henna in the following shades: burgundy, auburn, dark brown, black and red brown. You will find the instructions on how to use it on the package so you need not worry. It can be a great choice is you want to try on some new prom hairstyles and get a different hair color to go with them; moreover, since it is not permanent, you don’t have to worry about taking a final decision and changing your hair color for good.

When you use organic hair color you will get the shade that you want it just won’t last long but it is worth it. Just think about how much hair damage you are preventing. You will have a different hair color but it will natural and healthy. You can use organic hair color over chemicals dyed hair with no problem.  You can add shades naturally to a permanent dyed hair.

For those who want to be safe and not spend a lot of money the organic hair color is the way to go. Why not fulfill your dream of having a different hair color in an organic way. It washes away with every bath that you take which is great for women who get bored easily. Just try it and if you do not like it you can go back to your old ways.