Anxiety Treatment Exercises


Anxiety is an emotional state characterized by pathological restlessness, fears about the possibility of imminent danger or failure. There is anxiety considered “normal” which improves learning and performance, but anxiety can become pathological.

Negative emotions such as anger, fear, appear as a normal reaction for those who are in different unpleasant situations or even dangerous. In fact, it is believed that these conditions are necessary to survive.

There are times when these feelings get out of control, without some external factors to intervene. This leads to disruption of daily activities or may affect the health of the person.

There are several anxiety treatments that we would like to present you today.

1.  Aromatherapy is a pleasure for all of your senses. Enjoying all our pleasures is one of the most effective treatments against anxiety, which can be done at home, by the very person in distress. Aromatherapy is one of the secret pleasures. To make aromatherapy sessions at home you need to use lavender oil, but might work also the jasmine or sandalwood.

2.  Vitamins
Vitamins are very important for our body, and especially for our brain. Deficiency of B-complex vitamins can cause anxiety. For this reason, preventive, it is recommended to eat aliments that  contain vitamin B complex, or even a medical supplement.

3. Meditation
Positive thinking may resolve lots of problems. It is not only a way to beat stress but also anxiety. Meditation and yoga techniques can help you treating this disease! If you want to try it, the start is very simple: just close your eyes take a deep breath and think about nice things that make you feel safe and nice. These methods can be used when you feel that you are having an anxiety attack, or in any other similar situation.

4. Physical effort

Healthy mind in healthy body. This phrase is very true, because physical effort produces some substances in the brain that calm you and make you feel better.
Fighting against anxiety includes also daily exercises to help you co-opt with stress and anxiety attacks.

5. Bathing
Taking a shower is a great anxiety treatment because hot water helps you to calm your spirit and eliminate the negative emotions produces by your thoughts.
6. Water and tea
Another effective treatments against anxiety is to drink water or to enjoy a cup of tea. It will help you to detached yourself form all of your problems caused by the anxiety attacks.

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