Ragdoll Cat


It is thought that the Ragdoll breed has originated around 1965, while Anne Baker is supposed be the original breeder. There are many stories that surround its origin, but it seems that the Ragdoll Cat began with a white Persian and Angora mix cat named “Josephine”. Josephine`s kittens were gentle, loving, and had amazing blue eyes and non matting fur.

  • Appearance

The Ragdoll Cat posses a large muscular body, large blue eyes, and a beautiful head and body. As they tend to hang limply when picked in your arms, they were called Ragdoll.

Either short or medium/long, its coat is soft and luxurious to touch. As the coat is non matting, it requires little maintenance. This breed is usually very healthy and does not face major health problems.

  • Personality

A Ragdoll Cat is very docile and enjoys being held and cuddled. As it is playful, extremely affectionate and gentle, it becomes a great pet for children. This breed has a quiet voice and does not destroy things. Strictly an indoor cat, the Ragdoll does not have preservation or fight instincts, so it will not defend itself on the street.

It is in the nature of a Ragdoll Cat to love being with you and be more of a friend than a simple pet. Very devoted to their owners, this breed needs and offers a lot of love.

  • Colors

Ragdolls are born white and get their full color only after they are 2 years old. The main colors of the Ragdoll Cat are cream, chocolate, blue, seal, lilac, and red, but torte and tabby (lynx) patterns are also possible. Still, chocolate and lilac are not easy to acquire.

A bicolor Ragdoll has white inverted “V” in the facial mask, white feet, legs, ruff and stomach, while the ears and tail are point-colored. When it is about colourpoint Ragdoll, it has facial mask, ears, nose, feet and tail, but no white. A mitted Ragdoll features white in front paws “gloves” and halfway up in back legs, its chin and chest are also white, while the stomach has a white strip. It is possible for a mitted Ragdoll to show a white blaze/snip on the nose, too.

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