Siamese Cat


It is believed that the Siamese cat`s origin was a loved breed in the ancient Siamese city of Ayudha. Founded in 1350, Ayudha was the capital of Siam, but it was destroyed by fire in 1757, during the Burmese invasion.

The original Siamese cats in Siam were living in temples where they were attentively protected in order to keep the breed pure. They were so precious that only members of the Royal family could own them.

  • Appearance

The Siamese Cat can be easily recognized because of its particular coloring and almond-shaped clear blue eyes. Featuring typical colored points of the face, ears, tail and feet, the Siamese cat makes an elegant appearance.

A small to medium sized breed, the Siamese cat has a slim, flexible, stylish and well-muscled body. The triangular-shaped head has thin snout, while the eyes are oblique and almond-shaped. The Siamese cat has a long body, neck and tail. This breed has short, glossy, fine, soft and tight hair. The typical pointed color scheme makes the Siamese easy to recognize.

  • Personality

Siamese cats are smart, lively and entertaining, but they can be very demanding and totally involve in their owner`s life. Since they are so lively, they need to be provided with entertainment, otherwise they might cause damages. Wer advise you to check out some cat scratching post models. The more diverse the cat scratching post is, the more likely it will be for the cat to want to scratch it and not your furniture. However, don’t rely on the cat tree to suffice for all the entertainment that your cat needs. Siamese cats hate being ignored and they always want to be in the center of attention. Siamese cats have a very strong personality, but also a legendary loud voice that they use to communicate with people. Extroverts, Siamese cats can easily bond to a single person. Siamese cats are also very affectionate, dominating, loyal, loving, playful and extremely active.

  • Colors

Found on the face, ears, tail and feet , the Siamese point colors include seal, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, blue, red, fawn, cream, caramel, apricot, tabby (lynx) and tortie (tortoiseshell) .

  • Life Span

The Siamese cat generally lives up to 13 or 14 years of age, but it can also reach the age of 20. Kidney disease is the most common cause of death in old Siamese cats.

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