Shabby Chic Interior Design Ideas


If you are looking for decorating your living room or the rest of your house, then you are just about to read exactly what you have been looking for. The shabby chic decorating is the one whose keywords are romantic, memorable, soft and not the least, feminine. From the 1980s, this design has continued to be a fashionable and trendy means of decorating your home. The shabby chic designed is credited to Rachel Ashwell to be the one coining its term. This one is one of the most common designs, as it can be briefly found in any of the houses today. If you wish to get to know it better, here are a few tips to help you get going:

With a splash of British Elegance, the shabby chic decorating never gets old. Even if we have heard the adage of what is now new, tomorrow gets old, this design is ought to make it the other way round, as what tomorrow gets old, the other day comes across as new again. In this case it can be used for dozens of generations, as this type remains young. The shabby chic decorating combines the love and respect for vintage antique, found in shades of pink and cream, soft pastels which give an air or romance to any unstylish house.

One of the most important aspects of this design is getting the perfect accessories. They can be found anywhere, as well as the furniture which is ought to be undeniable vintage. You can even to a second hand to get it, but still be careful not to go beyond the limits of this way of decoration. Also, as there are no rules to follow, purchase some soft materials and fabrics which will surely help you to mark out your territory in the way your personality should do.

The last but not the least is the way of accessorizing. Here you are free to play with every shades and shapes you wish to; still, the frames which are ought to be hang by your walls should be glisten with silver and gold, just enough to attract your guests’ attention. Don’t be afraid to show off your personality and your good tastes, because with shabby chic way of decorating your will never make a mistake. As romance is for everyone, you are ought to be known for your good taste! Also, prepare to get as many fresh flowers as possible to get the ambiance expected!