Auburn hair color


If you are one of these people that still do not know what auburn hair color refers to, let us clear your mind. Think of a color that is not brown or dark red, but stays between them. It is more profound than red and is specific to the people from Western Europe.

We recommend you to choose the most suitable shade for you and your skin. For example, if you are dark-haired, you should consider using auburn hair color. Add some highlights and make sure your hair will look brilliant.

However, if you are still not sure about which color to use, start with some lowlights and highlights and we assure you will not be disappointed. In general, this type of idea is well received by women. Think of using highlights that come right along your bangs. It will improve the lightness and brightness of your face and your appearance will be more suggestive.

When thinking of auburn hair color, you have two options. You should either think of a single shade or multi-tones. It would be nice to combine dark auburn and wine red, especially if you have long hair. Another successful combination is caramel streaks and medium hair.

One of the plus points of this hair color is that it is suitable even for black women. Particularly if your option includes auburn red tinted hair. If you are brown haired, some subtle auburn highlights would make you look gorgeous. Consider chocolate brown locks and watch yourself in the mirror! You will be surprised!

What about deep auburn hair? Maybe your skin is a little bit yellow and you want it to be more reddish. Or, on the contrary, if your skin tone is medium, think of using medium red-brown. For dark brown hair and olive skin, it would be better to avoid using bright auburn and replace it with mahogany red.

For blonde haired women, auburn hair color may transform into a golden shade. Nevertheless, this color needs permanent maintenance and full upkeep. As soon as it starts fading, your hair color will look awful. Auburn hair color brings a beautiful look on your appearance, but it comes up with both choosing the right skin shade and maintaining it brightly. Now that you know what auburn hair color refers to, good luck into adding it on your hair!