Honey blonde hair color


As you already know, almost everyone appreciate blondes. It doesn’t matter if they are thin or fat, tall or low, everybody likes them and changes their behavior into a friendly one when joining them. However, our opinion is that not every blonde is lucky to have this special treatment. The secret that teaches you how to obtain honey blonde hair color relates to the shade of the color their hair has.

In this article we are going to give you some clear directions for choosing the appropriate shade, according to your skin.

Ask for professional help in order to discover your skin tone. It will help you choose between cool blond and honey blonde hair color. Make sure you want a bright or a dark type of blonde and do not change your mind as your hair suffers the transformation. Keep in mind that if you want your hair to suffer a great change, it will be more difficult to return to the initial color. Also, the process of bleaching your hair and adding the blonde color will seriously affect your roots and the price will be higher.

If you want to obtain complete blonde hair, look for something that combines cool blond with a golden shade. You will be surprised to see how beautiful you will look with honey blonde hair color.

You can also think of a different look and a different method that allows you to obtain honey blonde hair color. For example, take into account the “tone-to-tone” effect. Turn your hair into a medium blond and tell your stylist to bring in some brighter blond highlights. It will look both natural and brilliant.

However, if you consider you can do it by yourself and you do not need any extra help for changing your hair color, we suggest you to use no more than three shades. It means that if you are brunette and want to obtain a honey blonde, you will have to repeat the process of changing your hair color several times. Otherwise, you may risk having unpleasant surprises.

The products you use also count a lot. Make sure you go to the right place and buy professional shampoos and conditioners before you start the great change, because these are the main rules that teach you how to obtain honey blonde hair color.

We have some instructions for medium skin tones as well. If you happen to be a medium skin tone person, you will be surprised to find out that your hair can have a lot of blonde colors and your face will still be beautiful. Our advice is to skip the platinum or too bright type of blonde. Your honey blonde hair color will be more beautiful if you consider a natural and suitable color.