How to Buy a Fuel-efficient Car


According to scientific studies it took 200 million years for the Earth to develop all of its oil resources. On the same note 200 years were enough for man kind to consume half of that oil reserve. More than half of the oil consumed in the world is used for transportation. The increased price of oil is a sign that it is becoming harder and harder to locate and extract oil and if our consumption rate continues in the same rhythm it will take only 40 years to consume what is left of the Earth’s oil reserve. Furthermore the impact of such a high oil consumption rate is directly reflected on the pollution levels which are alarmingly high all around the world. Whether you are preoccupied with the environment or you just want to save some money on gas, today we will give you a few tips on how to buy a fuel-efficient car.

One of the most important aspects that is affecting your fuel consumption is the size of your car. While a large car can be quite appealing, it is a well known fact that its fuel consumption is through the roof. There are many reasons why someone would acquire a large car such as space, power and safety measures (large cars have the lowest fatality rate). However when buying a car you must take into account your own needs . Are you single or do you have a family? Do you live in a crowded city? Do you take your car on vacations? These are all important aspects that you need to consider. A fuel efficient car may cost you more money if it doesn’t serve your purpose. On the other hand a small car is ideal for crowded cities with limited parking space. So before making any quick decisions you need to define your needs and choose a type of car that is best suited for them.

When you are wondering about how to buy a fuel-efficient car, you must also ponder over the age factor. While older cars are cheaper, their technologies are old news and they aren’t very fuel efficient. On the other hand a new car is a lot more expensive and chances are that it will lose most of its value in a couple of years. When shopping for a car you must consider whether or not this is a long term investment.

The fuel efficiency of a car is affected by many factors. Its miles per gallons ratio is just an estimate number that is valid for the stock features. Additional options will most likely affect you fuel costs. For example power seats alone can burden your car with 90 to 130 pounds. When you are considering how to buy a fuel-efficient car you must also weight the additional options because you will pay extra for your comfort every time you drive your car.