How to grow broccoli


One of the main advantages if you want to learn how to grow broccoli is that you can put the seeds directly into the ground. If you want to have your harvest in summertime, we suggest you to plant broccoli in the spring, whereas if you want to obtain them late in the autumn, you have to plant them in midsummer.

In general, broccoli transplants only takes seven weeks to obtain a summer harvest and five weeks to get a fall one. The plant needs a lot of cold water and has to be taken away from the low temperatures. There are some important pieces of advice one must take into account when growing broccoli.

For the very beginning, broccoli prefers the cool temperatures during springtime that can vary between 60 and 70 degrees F. The plant needs special time to grow up and it is advisable not to wait until the temperatures raise too much. Also, when you start planting them, keep a three feet distance between the rows and two feet between the seeds.

We recommend you the soils with sandy textures and a pH that can vary between 5.8 and 6.5. it will help your plant grow in a better mood. Water should be added into a uniform foliage and one has to make sure it is used in the morning. Pay attention to the plant to be dry before the sun gets down. You probably do not want your plant to be fed inappropriately and ultimately get shallow roots.

On the other hand, nutrients play a significant role as well. Fertilization must be done before you put the plant into the ground. It means you have to plant the seeds into special pots at first, add all the necessary elements and only after you can put them into the soil from your garden.

As far as the harvesting process is concerned, broccoli has to be picked up after almost 70 days of growing. If you feel unsure about how to grow broccoli, we have some tips for recognizing when you should collect them. Look at the heads of the broccoli. If they are five inches above the ground, you can pick them. Pretty easy, right? For further advice, ask for professional help or talk to the gardeners. We have found it very easy to learn how to grow broccoli and this is why we shared this piece of information with you.