How to improve communication skills in a child


Communication is essential for proper social interactions, as it can be a key element of success.
Therefore it is very important to know how to improve communication skills in a child. Mastering good communication skills leads to improvements in both writing and oral presentations, so it is recommended to start young. For example, your child will develop a larger, more complete set of skills, which will allow him to become anything he wants, from wedding planner to astronaut.

Below you can find some useful information about enhancing your child`s communication techniques. All you need is some time and patience, as well as storybooks, flashcards, writing paper and pencils.

Try to be a positive example for your child. For example, adults forget that is rude to cut off other`s sentences and act like that. Still, this is not a good example for kids. Let children finish their sentences and do not interrupt them. Even if they misuse a word, correct them only after they have finished what they had to say. On the other hand, you can reward them when they use a new word, or a complicated word, or when they show interest in learning. While you shouldn’t spoil them with candy or toys every time they behave, you could set up a symbolic reward, such as a family life merit badge whenever the children behave well in a complicated situation, or when they react properly towards other people. A simple thing like a family life merit badge can get them to better understand the importance of communicating, and of knowing how to communicate as well. Thus, they will grow into responsible adults who know how to speak their minds and express themselves, but who know when it is better to remain silent as well.

Start communicating with your child from an early age. If your child cannot speak in complete sentences, take some time and read them stories. You can also improve communications skills in a child by using flashcards with simple words and images.

Teach your child basic things about body language. Tell him to look at the speaker when someone is talking, but also to use affirmative gestures like nodding his head in agreement when listening. Teach him to raise his hand before speaking in class, but also other proper behaviors when it is about group communication.

Suggest your child to do some extra writing outside homework. Not only this creative activity will show him the fun part of communicating, but also it will help him improve grammar and spelling.

Proper communication skills are not exclusively based on speaking, but also on listening. Encourage your child to tell you a story about his day at dinner. Once he has finished his story, share your own story.

There are cases children may suffer from a disorder that impedes them to advance their communication skills, so you should ask for professional help in this case. Some form of counselling or another should be done with the child separately, but together with the parents as well, so together they can learn what to do precisely to improve this situation.