How to Protect a Computer From Viruses


Who doesn’t want to have a clean and safe computer, apart from its high standard characteristics (RAM memory, the system type, the processor)? No matter if your computer is one of the latest appeared on the market, if it happens to be infected by a virus, all your money will go backwards. The reason? Even though it is little and at a first glance it should not threaten anyone, this very small partition on your computer has the power to destroy valuable data of yours and break down the system of your computer for a long period of time.

However, in case you discover that your PC is host of a computer virus, take into account to pass all the steps in order to get a clean system and not to become a threat for the other users that get in connection with your PC.

Firstly you need special software for Anti-virus. After having installed it properly, pay attention to all the files you save on your computer, mainly on those you receive from other people. Be aware of the expeditors, be it relatives, acquaintances, friends or unknown people. You should be cautious both with the files downloaded and with the disks, CDs or DVDs you put into your computer.

Avoid the insecure sites, the disks used by others, the unexpected email attachments and the messages with unclear contents. If you receive an e-mail that has an imperative message, you should think twice before opening it!

In case you have detected a computer virus, activate the software for virus-scan and download all the updates for the anti-virus. We don’t promise you the anti-virus will destroy the virus, but at least it will be identified and kept under surveillance.

Look up on the internet about all the information you have about the virus detected in your computer. Search for patches especially made to delete the virus or try to do it with your own hands, following the instructions offered.

Scan the computer once again to check whether the virus has been completely deleted and pay attention not to open files that use extensions like .vbs or .js. Be cautious with your computer, because otherwise you will support the consequences of your indifference! Now that you have learn how to protect a computer from viruses, you only have to apply what we have taught you and the computer viruses will not be a problem anymore!