How to resolve conflict


Conflict can be a slippery slope. Even if you consider yourself to be a rational person, when you are dealing with stubborn people you may find yourself loosing your temper. It is extremely difficult to be rational especially when you are dealing with people who don’t know how to listen. Today we are going to share with you a few tips that will teach you how to resolve conflict in a classy manner.

The first thing you need to understand is that conflict is more than a disagreement. While contradictory discussions can be held in a rational and productive manner, when we are dealing with conflicts people tend to get personal. When wondering how to resolve conflict, you need to really understand its cause. The key to doing this is to actually listen to the other person’s complains. It is essential for you to keep your temper no matter what. Even if the other person has the tendency to raise his voice, if you keep calm you will eventually get him to act in the same way. However if the situation turns into a verbal abuse you must put stop it immediately. When they are angry, people tend to say things that they don’t really mean. In order to avoid such situations you can pause the conflict until you are both calm and rational.

Another thing you need to consider when learning how to resolve conflict is how you want the conflict to end. This type of situation must not be perceived as a contest where you must win no matter the costs. The best way to deal with conflicts is with compromises, especially if we talking about relationship or family conflicts. Recognizing your own mistakes and being ready to forgive the other person are also key elements. After you listen to the other person’s complains, apologize even if you don’t consider yourself guilty. Say your sorry if you were misunderstood and state that it was in no way your intention to hurt or offend the other person.

In order to properly learn how to resolve conflict you must in no way fear it. If you fear a conflict and postpone it, you will only make it harder for everybody to move on. The best way to deal with such a situation is head on. Another thing you must understand is that conflicts are not necessarily a bad thing. For example if you avoid a conflict at work you will only accumulate more pressure which will affect your productivity. Furthermore a couple’s conflict can help two people strengthen their relationship. However this can only happen if both partners are ready to discuss in a civilized manner.