Ideas for the wedding cake


The perfect wedding cake should be delicious and beautiful. Here you find some ideas for your wedding cake.

The arrangement of the traditional wedding cake. Traditional wedding cakes are round, white, tiered cakes with white or colored frosting. Many brides choose to emphasize traditional cakes with real flowers or of silk, which completes their wedding colors. The traditional figurines on the cake often represent a bride and a groom in miniature, holding hands.

More and more modern brides find many ways to break with tradition, opting for new and interesting arrangements, various flavors and designs, and even colored cakes.
The wedding cake is a fundamental focal point at the party, and like the other ‘parts’ of the wedding and party, you want it to be spectacular.

Sweet shapes. You do not have to choose a round or rectangular cake. Besides these, forms of heart cakes, rectangular, hexagonal and column are becoming more popular. Many bakeries are willing to mix shapes such as the rectangular and round layered cake.

The theme of the wedding cake. If you have all kinds of wedding themes, such as Christmas or wedding on the beach, you will want the wedding cake idea to complete your theme. Many bakeries are willing to create special cakes like a Christmas tree, sand castle and much more.

Another option is to decorate the cake and the cake table with accessories that completes your theme. Besides or in exchange for natural or artificial flowers, choose elements that reflect your theme. For example, wash shells inside and sprinkle them around the cake, offering a perfect note for a wedding on the beach.

Colored cakes; Colored cakes are very modern. You can choose to have the whole cake frosted and decorated in your wedding colors, creating a wonderful contrast by using black and white or ivory in frosting, opt for a variety of silent colors, or frosting accents of light colors.

Remember that in most cases, the most complex and unusual design, costs even more. Therefore, if the budget allows you and using your imagination, you will surely find the best ideas for the wedding cake, for your special day.