Interesting Facts about Street Racing


Street races are illegal racing events that imply a competition between various automobiles. Unlike sanctioned events, street racing follows a few simple guidelines. Whether it is organized or not this type of racing is illegal and quite dangerous as it takes very few safety measures and the cars are very powerful, most of them being tuned cars.  Few people know however that even regulated races can trace their origins to the illegal street races during the time of the prohibition. If you follow the latest car news, then you probably hear of racing-related accidents as well, because this is a sport that has claimed deaths since the beginning. Take Formula 1, a speed sport to which tens or perhaps hundreds of drivers sacrificed their lives to, in the name of speed and record-breaking, and for their great love of cars. Nevertheless, people, men in particular, can’t seem to get enough of cars and that adrenaline rush that comes with pushing on the gas pedal. Even people who don’t participate in cars live the speed sensation. There probably isn’t a man in the world who hasn’t checked out some radar detector reviews in order to find a gadget that could tell him when it is safe to rush through the city like there is no tomorrow. While formula 1 pilots don’t need such gadgets, street race pilots read radar detector reviews on a regular basis in order to be up to date with the latest improvements in radar detecting technology.

One of the many interesting facts about street racing is how it was created. During the prohibition time various smugglers were having difficulties escaping the police. Due to this fact they started organizing friendly racing competition where they would test their improved vehicles as well as their driving skills. Eventually these events gained a lot of popularity and they went from illegal activities to organized events. However the practice of illegal racing has been kept until the present and it seems unlikely to disappear any time soon.

While some drivers participate at racing events on random occasions, other make a living from this competitions. Furthermore street racing has been divided into two categories: cannonball races and drifts. Cannonball races are also known as sprint races and they imply going to from one designated point to another as fast as possible. While drift races were initially developed in Japan, their popularity soon stretched all over the world. They imply racing while drifting on multiple curves. Although a while ago people knew very few facts about street racing, eventually the word got out and the popularity of the races increase. Nowadays races are planned in advance by establishing the location of the race, following the police activity and communicating through various radio devices. There are also legal types of racing, but some don’t prefer them because there are too many safety rules, which means they can’t test their cars as they’d like. The latest car news show how much a car can be improved nowadays, and how it can be tuned, ending up a completely unique product both in looks and performance.

As more facts about street racing became available to the public, the popularity of this type of events increased leading to the appearance of multiple movies and video games. The most popular games imitate all the aspects of this activity from modifying your car to outrunning the police. However few awareness is being raised about the dangerous aspects of these activities. Usually the streets are too narrow to allow a great number of cars to race in the same time therefore there is an increased risk of crushing. Although the organized races usually take place on low traffic routes that does not eliminate the pedestrian risk. Furthermore other consequences of street racing involve: trespassing, auto theft and organized crime. More than once, street racing accidents ended with fatalities. Due to the fact that there is no authority to regulate and sanction this events, there are very few rules and almost no safety measures.