Kim Kardashian and Plastic Surgery Obsessions


When it comes to celebrities and socialites, nobody is trending more at the moment than Kim Kardashian; while all the talent she has to offer the world revolves around sex tapes, celebrity marriages and reality TV-shows, she has managed to draw all attention on her. Many say her popularity is mostly related to her looks, as the fiery brunette of Armenian origins delights us all with her voluptuous shape. But has Kim always been this sensual and exceedingly beautiful? Older pictures of the celebrity seem to say otherwise. Although we can see in photos from her youth that Kim has always been a beautiful woman, one can’t help but notice her face especially seems to look quite different where certain features are involved.

There have been a lot of Kim Kardashian plastic surgery rumors, but the socialite didn’t always admit to going under the knife. However, it seems that as time passes, she is becoming more and more reliant on plastic surgery to augment and perfect her looks, especially since being in the center of attention simply for being herself; so why not be a better self? The first changes we can notice easily about Kim Kardashian are related to her face; her eyebrows are much rounder now than they used to be. At the beginning of the 2000s, Kim’s brows were more angular and closer to the eyes; now they are higher on the forehead and have a visibly rounder shape; while some changes could be done through eyebrow shaping, the differences here are too big to ignore.

Kim Kardashian plastic surgery interventions must have had something to do with her nose and cheekbones as well; although her nose has always been quite refined and symmetrical, we can now observe the tip is not as inclined as it used to be, and her cheekbones are higher and rounder. Overall, Kim’s face has seen quite a few subtle modifications over the year, but luckily for her every intervention seems to have been successful and a tribute to her original beauty.

Other Kim Kardashian plastic surgery operations are rumored to be related to the celebrity’s famous posterior, which is not only voluminous, but round and perky as well. Denying all possibility of a gluteus operation, Kim even went so far as to have her bum X-rayed to prove it was all natural. But after giving birth to her son with singer Kanye West, Kim must have felt the need for some augmentation. During the pregnancy she gained a lot of weight, and her waist especially was affected; sporting a supple figure just months after giving birth, she claimed to have done it with a simple diet, but given her tendency for gaining weight, it is quite safe to assume she went under the knife for this one as well.

Whether Kim had too many plastic surgery interventions is only for her to say; we do know she has spent millions on it, but as mentioned before, she is one of those rare cases where plastic surgery only made her look more like herself, and not the other way around.