Make your own Christmas wreath this year


Even if you are not particularly a craft-oriented person, you can still engage in a simple and easy home décor project. Crafts are also great for teaching children how to use a pair of scissors and make a beautiful knot. The ideal project for this winter holiday season is the wreath. Creating a unique wreath is not as hard as you thought it was. On the contrary, thanks to good ribbon material as that found at  and a little bit of guidance you and your child can create something fabulous.

Start gathering your tools

You will need approximately 60 yards of ribbons; ideally, you should have 9 different sashes to make the wreath more colourful. Apart from this, a pair of sharp scissors is necessary to cut the fabric. You will also be needing a ruler to measure the length and cut straight edges. Thin, sharp needles will help you to hold the material in place. While some people prefer working with a metal wreath form, you can equally use a Styrofoam wreath.

Cut the material

As mentioned before, you will need 60 yards because you will need to cut loads and loads of material. Although most fabrics are good, you should settle for a stiff material.  If you cut about 20 cm, then the material will remain short and fluffy. You will discover that it is in fact easier to work with ribbons that are shorter than that. To keep the edges from fraying, cut the edges at an angle. Depending on how you want the wreath to look, you can use more or less material. In addition to fabric, consider experimenting with different colours.

Get creative

With the help of a glue gun and a Styrofoam ring, use thick bows to create a beautiful pattern behind what is intended to be glued onto the wreath. Glue the top of the ribbon role onto the ring and start covering all the wreath. You can even consider wrapping some lights around the wreath.  Next, form the material into small loops and overlap the ends. With the use of the pins secure the edges. The loops will be afterwards attached to the Styrofoam by pushing the pins into the ring. To make things even easier, work with one colour at a time. This way, you make sure that the ribbons are spread evenly around the wreath.

Adding a personal touch

As long as you are capable of getting to this stage, you are more than capable of making a gorgeous bow as well. For this operation you will need some wired ribbon that you will tie in a loose knot. Circle the material on top of itself 9 times and cut the edges off. Bring together the centre of the bow and make a point. After turning the petals in a clockwise direction, place the knot in the centre and tie it in the back. And there you have a perfectly looking bow.

You can either leave the wreath simple and plain or add stuff like buttons and beads. Just make sure to show off your creation to everyone.