Math Learning for Children While Watering the Garden


Have you ever taken into consideration math learning for children while watering the garden? Well we are here to tell you that you can do that now with the help of the Grow Your Garden HD iPad app. Now you can teach you small children the basics of math while playing this wonderful game. And this is another great iPad app that can bring wonderful results in helping kids with math learning while reading some news about mens magazines alongside many more other things to do can be among parent interests while letting children enjoy this attractive game.

The Grow Your Garden HD is a game that has 12 levels but we hope that in the future more levels will be available. It is very important that he sees this tutorial because it will show him how to water the plants and how to refill the water cans. When you play this iPad game the levels will increase in difficulty as you advance in the game. The math of this app will become more difficult because you have to water one flower with a certain number of water drops. The water drops have to be the exact number so that the seeds planted there grow into big and healthy flowers. In order to complete the game the child has to go through three stages all which add up to 12 levels.

Your child does not need to know math in order to play this game, to solve each level it has to apply logic math. What the child has to do is transport water from one can to the other until he gets the right amount of water needed in the cans. There are cans that do not need water and there are cans that have spots on them that you do not need to use.

There is a bad side to this iPad app but we do not think it should. If your child does not water the plant properly it will die. Parents hate the fact that when the plant dies the letters R.I.P show on the screen. They feel that this could be a little disturbing for small children. We do not think that is should be a problem because this way children learn the natural process that happens in real life. We do not think that it is weird what we think is weir is the fact that there are not enough levels. We hope that an upgrade will be available soon.

So, if you want math learning for children while watering the garden you can get the app online with just 1.99 $.