Noisepad iPad App


A great application which was launched by Apple is the Noisepad iPad App, an app which runs perfectly if you have an iPad 2. If you have to make some gift to dear ones than you should consider giving them this app. If you are a musician you will simply adore it. This app comes in handy in live performances and artist.

The best thing about this app is that you can take it with you everywhere you want. It is a drum computer equipped with a lot of beats and vocals from the best artists ever known not to mention the large number of samples. The application was developed by iPonk. The developer wanted to create a very easy to use app full of songs and beats. The real time effects that you can use with the Noisepad iPad App are: delay, pitch, phase, cut off and bit crush. If you are not content with the sounds available you can get more from the iTune online store. Online you can also see the video demo and a couple of screen shots.

When the app Noisepad iPad App was created the developers had the Chuckie artist in mind. They wanted to create something that it is very easy to use and you can use it on any live performance. It creates the perfect environment for any artists.

Here we have the available features listed on the online store:
-sound effects: Pitch . Delay . Phase . Cut-off . Reverb . Crush
– slider double tap: reset the effect to the off position
– soundbanks: samples & beats are organized into multiple sets
– cut: each sample cuts previous sample
– L/R: switch the orientation to suit left or right handed
– tap: tap for the tempo of your effects
– volume: set the Noisepad volume separately from the device volume
– effects Dry / Wet: set effect strength from 0 to 100%
– audio output: output meter
– in-App shop: download the latest samples from your favorite artists
– background music: play a track in iTunes and make some noise on the same device
– custom soundbank: upload your own samples using iTunes*
* Supported sound formats:CAF / .WAV / .MP3 audio files, 22khz / 44khz / 48khz, stereo / mono

This is the Noisepad iPad App which you can download from the online store for the price of 2.99 $