Platinum blonde hair


We look around and we see the world is full of blonde women. Why would that happen? Maybe because most of the men appreciate this hair color or maybe because many women feel more beautiful and feminine or maybe because it catches all the eyes around and puts you into the middle of attention.

It does not matter if at the moment you are black haired, because in a few minutes you will become a beautiful blonde thanks to this article. Even though we have referred to extremes, our advice is suitable for many similar situations.

Now let’s start the process of dying your hair. For the beginning, you need to put three ounces of substance into a bowl and add the powder (not more than two scoops). Make sure the room you are working in has windows, because it is not advisable to work in a completely closed-up room.

The next step is to use goggles in order to avoid the contact with the crème. Afterwards, you can start mixing the ingredients. Make sure you do it well.

In order to obtain platinum blonde hair, you have to share your hair into four parts. Start with the end of your highlights and avoid the roots! Also, the first work must be done within the sections from the back. If you do not respect these rules, you can obtain dark ends and light roots! I am sure you would not like such an awful look!

The next step is to put the bleach on your head and to leave 3 or 4 cm away from the roots of the hair. Avoid contact with them as much as possible at the beginning and make sure you are making no mistakes. After all, your intention is to obtain platinum blonde hair. Once you have done your work with the whole hair, without the roots, apply the mixture on your roots as well. Do not massage it!

Now take a plastic bag and put it on your head. Make sure your hair is kept under this bag and no highlight is out of it. Pay attention to the printing of the bag. You do not want it to imprint on your platinum blonde hair, because your experiment will be a total failure!

Wait for almost 60 minutes and get ready to look in the mirror! You are gorgeous and nothing can change it! Of course, you should also pay attention to what nuance of platinum blonde you want, so you can determine how much product you need to use for optimal results. If you look at womens online fashion, you will see that many celebrities have adopted this hair color, but you will also notice slight differences in the nuances, and how they suit various skin tones. Platinum blonde usually works best with pale, light skin, but a skilled hair colorist may be able to choose a nuance from womens online fashion that suits you in particular, that highlights your best features and doesn’t make you look too unnatural.