Practical Tips for Designing an Outdoor Kitchen


Most people want an outdoor kitchen to expand their living space, and to be able to cook without having awful smells invade their home. The outdoor kitchen is the ideal place to cook in, to have parties with your friends in, and the best place where you can spend a lazy Sunday with your family. If you want to make the perfect outdoor kitchen, read the following lines and apply our tips in order to obtain the dream extension to your home.

The location is everything

The location of the outdoor kitchen is very important, because when you entertain guests you will definitely need to make trips inside your home to get to the indoor kitchen and take the necessary tools from it, which means you have to place the outdoor kitchen as close to the indoor kitchen as possible, but without blocking the view you had from inside the house to the yard. Also, be careful where you place the gas grill, because you don’t want the smoke that comes out of it when you cook to invade your house.

Just like an ordinary indoor kitchen, an outdoor kitchen is filled with hazards, and if you have children and pets, it’s important to make sure that the outdoor kitchen isn’t placed in the proximity of their playing area in order to avoid any unpleasant incidents.

Choose only the appliances you need

The outdoor kitchen is supposed to be the place where you prepare barbecues for your guests and your family, not an actual complete kitchen, therefore don’t overspend and clutter it up with appliances, but rather buy only what is necessary.

The mandatory appliances which you must have in your outdoor kitchen are a gas grill that is big enough for the quantity of food you intend to prepare with it, a sink in which you can wash the food before preparing it, and where you can wash the dishes after you finish eating, and a small refrigerator to store various foods for your convenience, keeping them in it instead of keeping them in your indoor kitchen refrigerator, and having to make trips every time you need something from it.

Obviously, the grill is the main element in any outdoor kitchen. As such, be sure to read some reviews of the best gas grills before buying the first grill upon which you lay your eyes. Gas grills come in different shapes and use different technologies in order to evenly distribute the heat and deliver perfectly cooked stakes. Of course, they are not all equally efficient, which is why you should do some research before buying a grill, especially since gas grills are quite expensive.

A place to set an store is mandatory

Countertops are convenient to have in your outdoor kitchen, because you need them to get the food ready for grilling, and it’s great to have a place where you can store the food when it’s done. Also, you need to have a place to set and store for when you have many guests over and you plan on cooking a lot of food.

What you should be aware of when you choose the countertops for your outdoor kitchen is that they should be waterproof and resist when there are temperature changes.