Small Trees for Your Garden

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Trees always bring fresh air to a garden. They purify the air by taking the carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen instead. Even a small tree can bring joy to a garden, so consider planting one as soon as possible. The offer is varied and, as you can see from the list below, there are many wonderful small trees and tall shrubs for you to choose from.

  • Apple trees

An apple tree grows up to 20 feet tall, but its dwarf version reaches only 6-8 inches. There are many types available and each of them blossom divinely in early spring. While most apple trees need nearby one or two apple trees for pollination, there are also self-pollinating apple tree types. They must be planted in sunny places and in lightly acidic soil. The majority of apple trees fruit in 3-5 years.


  • Tree Form Flowering Almond

This type of flowering almond grows 12-15 inches tall and had a rounded crown. Before the leaves emerge, the tree is covered with pink or white flowers. Plant it in full sun and in moist, acidic soil. Pruning must be made immediately after flowering.

  • Chaste Tree

With a 10 or 12 inches height, this tree should be planted in well drained soil. The flowers are lavender-purple and give a spicy odor while the leaves smell like sage. It may require pruning.

  • Crabapple Tree

The flowers of crabapple tree bloom in white and shades of pink and red in mid spring. The tree does not reach 20 inches tall and the dwarf types are 8-15 inches tall. Crabapples are slow growing trees and are self pollinating. You should plant them in full sun and in well drained soil. The fruits are hard, small and attractive.

  • Crape Myrtle

Growing 15-20 inches tall, this tall shrub can be regarded as a small tree. It blooms in late summer and provides beautiful long lasting white, lavender, pink, or red flowers. Leaves become yellow, orange or red in autumn. The bark patchily exfoliates making the crape myrtle attractive even during winter.

  • Kousa Dogwood

This small type of dogwood grows 20-30 inches tall and its flowers are from creamy white to pink. Kousa has red fruits in fall and it tolerates cold.

  • Red Osler Dogwood

This shrubby variety reaches 7-9 inches in height. When young, the stems are red, but they turn to gray as they get older.

  • Fringe Tree

The fringe tree blooms in fragrant, white, lacy flowers in spring and it grows 12-20 inches tall. It is tolerant of wind and pollution and the fruit on female trees are a great attraction for birds.

  • Imperial Honeylocust

This thornless type reaches 30 inches in height and width. It grows 8-12 twisty seed pod that fall in autumn, so you must clean them up. Even if they require frequent watering when they are young, the mature plants handle poor soil and drought. Compost them in spring.

  • American Hornbeam (Ironwood)

Also known as ironwood, this small tree grows 15-20 tall. It has wonderful foliage that range from yellow to red and it requires pruning in late winter.


  • Liliac

A beautiful large shrub that grows 8-15 inches tall can successfully stand as a tree in your garden. Its highly aromatic spring blooms can be white, pink, purple, lavender and lilac.

  • Star Magnolia

A smaller type of magnolia, the star magnolia blooms white, star shaped, long lasting flowers in early spring. It grows up to 20 inches and can tolerate both cold and heat.

  • Paw Paw

With a tropic look, this American native fruit grows up to 15-30 inches tall. It produces green fruits that ripen to black with a banana taste. You should plant minimum 2 trees for pollination to occur.

  • Peach Tree

The dark green leaves wonderfully contrast with its appealing spring flowers and tasty summer fruit. For pollination, you should plant at least two peach trees.

  • Silk Tree

Also called Mimosa, this tree is exotic, fern-like foliage and has pink flowers that attract hummingbirds. It tolerates harsh habitats.

In addition to the small trees and shrubs presented above, there are plenty more waiting to be discovered. Good luck!

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