Snoring causes


There are a lot of factors that can influence if you snore or not. These factors can be your weight, mouth anatomy, sinuses and the amount of alcohol you consume on a regular basis.



What happens the minute you fall asleep is that you pass on from light sleep to deep sleep and in that moment you muscles relax, also the muscles that we are particularly interested in: mouth, throat and soft palate. Since your body has gotten to the point when it is relaxed you start to vibrate or your tissue from your throat starts to vibrate which means that the airway is narrowed. If this happens, if the airway is narrowed, you will start to snore because the air can´t circulate the way it´s supposed to.

Here are the conditions that can cause your snoring:

1. The anatomy of your mouth

If you have a thick and low palate, tissues on the back of the throat or swollen tonsils they will cause snoring. Also being overweight does not help, on the contrary you are most likely to confront with snoring.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol can be a problem if you consume it before you go to bed. What happens is you drink, the alcohol relaxes you muscles and your body is unable to confront with the airway obstruction.

3. Problems with your nose

If you have a deviated septum or a nasal congestion you are most likely confronting with snoring.

4. Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a very serious condition because it literally means that while you sleep you run out of air because your airway becomes so small that the air can get out or in. When this happens your snoring becomes louder and louder and finally you wake up because of the lack of air. In order to be diagnosed with this condition you have to stop breathing about 5 times per hour.

Risks while you snore:

Men are more likely to develop snoring or a sleeping problem than women

People who are overweight are most likely to confront themselves with sleep apnea or snoring

Some individuals may have a long soft palate that can narrow the airway passage other may have big tonsils

Avoiding alcohol is a good thing. People who drink alcohol start to snore because the muscles from the throat relax and your airway narrows.

You have a big chance to snore if you have a medical issue with your nose. These problems may be deviated septum or chronically stuffed nose or any structural defect in your nose.