Snoring surgery success rate


Snoring is caused by the vibration of loos tissue situated at the beginning of your throut and is known by throught the noisy sound one makes.There are many types of procedures that have the aim to eliminate snoring.These treatments all mean eliminating the loos tissue but the difference between them is that some reshape the nasal passage while others prevent the tongue from blocking your respiration while you sleep.

The goal of this surgeryes is to eliminate your medical problem and to help you get rid of those embarassing moments when you sleep with soembody or you have people over for the night and you have to be careful not to wake them with your snoring.


The UPPP or Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty is one of the first treatments ever invented for snoring and the person behind this surgery is  S. Fujita.The japanese surgent first performed this surgery in 1892.This procedure is not easy at all because it involves general anesthisea and you need about three week of recovery,if you are lucky.

This procedure is nor very popular because of the costs and also because the recuparation period is very log and painful,plus you can end un with complications like internaly bleeding or difficulties breathing.On average 60% of the people who have had this procedure made say that the effect don’t last for more than a year.


LAUP or  Laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty is not such a difficult procedure.It requaiers local anesthesia and it basicaly means that the doctor will take a carbon dioxide laser and will make three incisions so as to remove the uvula.The surgery does not last for more than 30 minutes at most.

It was developed by  Dr. Yves-Victor Kamami in 1980.Over time this procedure has been contoversial due to the fact that some surgents claimed that the procedure was not so effective as he claimed to be while other confessed that the results were great,about 85%.As a result it came to the conclusion that for this procedure depends on the experience of the surgent.


Somnopasty was approved as a treatment for snoring is 1997.T he procedure is quite new and the discomfort level is very low.It seems to be more sucessful that the LUPA procedure because is less painful and the time it takes the pacient to recover is considerably smaller.The succes rate reaches 85%.


Another procedure known to cure snoring is the tounge suspension.To this day we don’t know how efficient this procedure is because researches need to evatuate the situation further.