Alternatives to Botox injections

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Botox injections reduce the lines, also known as wrinkles, form your face. The results can last up to four months and it is very important that you go to a certified dermatologist in order to eliminate any side effects that may appear.



Some of this side effects are: nausea, facial pain, droopy eyelids, bleeding and muscle weakness. There are also alternatives to Botox injections that can give you the same result, no wrinkles.

Chemical Peel

What this chemical peel does is remove the top layer of your skin thus erasing any wrinkles or lines that you may have on your face. Many people use this alternative instead of Botox injections. The most demanded chemical peel is the Glycolic acid peel.

Filling Agents

This is a perfect alternative to Botox injections because when injected it does not affect any muscles or nerves like the injections do. The substance fills the skin underneath the wrinkles. The side effects can be scarring and inflammatory reactions.


This procedure is very interesting because it freezes the muscles where the lines are and it can last up to four months.It is a very good alternative to Botox and it has also been aproved by the Drug Administration.


This filling is made of purified bovine material.This specific filling work best agains wrinkels around the nouth and eyes.Zyplast is used to make your lips or face bigger.Before the treatment it is necesary that the individual take a skin test.This test will show if the patient is allergic to the substance or not.


This alternative is a cream that reduces as much as possible wrinkles but it does not make them disappear.The side effect of this cream are redness and irritation but the good side it that it hydrates the skin.You should not use it while you are pregnant because complications may appear at birth.


This alternative called GFX uses radiofrequncy energy.Ot loosens the nerves that connect with the muscles from you fourhead.The effects hold on up to a year after the procedure not like Botox injections which last only about a month.It reduces the lines from your face thruogh a GFX pen which is placed by the doctor undernight the skin for one pucture.

This are the alternatives to Botox that exists,theirn side effects along with their visible effects.Our advise is that you think long and hard before you undergo one of this procedures because you never know what can happen so it is best to be safe.

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