The 2013 Harley-Davidson FXSB Breakout


The 2013 Harley-Davidson FXSB Breakout is one of the most desired motorcycles. It is characterized by its gloss black features combined with chrome details and a sleek Softail that is meant to eliminate all the inconveniences of a bumpy ride. The FXSB Breakout mimics a vintage hardtail frame but in reality the shock absorbers are carefully hidden within the frame rails. Although the big wheels and the flashy paint invoke an adrenaline rush one can’t help but notice the refined look given by the gloss black features.

The 2013 Harley-Davidson FXSB Breakout is similar to other softail models but it completely redefines the concept of a smooth ride. The engineers of this chrome wild beast were very meticulous with the shock valving. Furthermore the oil tank has been modified in order to allow the rear wheel to be positioned farther up. The increased wheel travel provides a smooth drive which means that even though it looks like a chrome beast this chopper is actually tamed in order to ensure the best experience on any road.

The new FXSB Breakout is powered by an air cooled twin cam 103B engine that generates a 95,5 ft-lb toque. It has a 6 speed transmission and floating front and rear brake rotors. The emphasized power train is covered in a black powder coat which matches perfectly the chrome covers and the black aluminum oil tank. Furthermore the side license plate add a touch of eccentricity leaving the rear uncluttered . The exclusive class-filled tank medallions are a ravishing graphic detail specific to the Breakout. While the 2013 Harley-Davidson FXSB Breakout is also available in Vivid Black and Big Blue Pearl it is the Ember Red Sunglo that is most appealing to the chopper fans.

Aside from being a mean highway beast, this Breakout is also comfortable. The 24,7 inch high seat is ideal for any type of driver. The long sleek look is achieved by combining a 35 degree rake and a 5,7 trail. The dual staggered mufflers allow the chopper to roar like a beast and not just look like one. Given the performance of this motorcycle as well as its exterior appearance we can safely assume that this chopper is supposed to be ridden by an adventurous soul. There is no point in purchasing a chopper like this if you will not let it run wild on a highway. Although the $17,899 price is quite appealing, you should only aquire the new Breakout if you are prepared to push its limit. The chopper comes with a two years warranty with no mileage restrain therefore feel free to make that engine roar.

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