Fashion Tips for Short Girls


Even if you don’t have a supermodel constitution, you can look amazing wearing the latest trends. Short girls also have some advantages, because they can easily find clothing that fits. You can take up a pair of pants or a dress as much as you need but you can’t add length. If you are petite, aim to create the illusion of length. These simple fashion tips will highlight your features:

Use monochromatic colors to lengthen your body line. If the top has a different color from the bottom your body will be visually cut in two and you will look shorter, especially if one color is dark and the other one light. Wear a monochromatic outfit that will make you seem longer. Dark colors make you look slim and tall. Choose an all black outfit with high heels for an elegant look.

Match a pair of slim fit pants with high heels and avoid low waist jeans that are lose fitting. A high waist makes your legs longer if you are shorter in stature. Hippie clothing with bulky pockets and pleats hide your shapes and makes you appear even more petite. Boot cut jeans and straight pants are flattering to the figure. Capri style pants are not recommended, as well as bulky belts and belts that are in contrast with your outfit. One of the best fashion tips is to accessorize with a thin belt or no belt at all.

Shorts and skirts
Shorts and hot pants will create the illusion of length and divert attention from your height. Match them with flat ballerinas or stilettos for a chic look. Skirts should be above the knee, if they are longer you will seem shorter. The best skirts you can wear have a slim fit and are short. A tube top and pencil heels can make a lovely combination.

Short women are more advantaged by a generous cleavage with a V shape, slim-fit t-shirts and vertical line tops. Ponchos or baggy fitting tops will make you look shorter. Follow simple fashion tips and wear tops that end on the waist line.

Long jackets are not recommended for petites. Instead wear a waist length jacket that will make you look tall and accessorize it so the attention is drawn on the outfit.

Pencil heels are the best option for short women because they make the legs look longer and are also very feminine. High heels also emphasize your curves. For more advice on how to wear shoes as a short person, or what types of shoes to look for in general, visit and define your style.

Oversized handbags tend to overwhelm shorter women so instead choose a medium size bag that will match your figure.


Although haircuts rarely highlight a person’s height there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind if you have a petite constitution. In order to look taller it is always advised that you avoid long hair with a lot of volume. Instead, you could try some short haircuts. These are extremely popular amongst young women but they also flatter older women. A short haircut can make an ideal prom hairstyle for a thin, short girl especially if she is wearing a short, tight dress. If you are over 20 years old, a prom hairstyle is probably the last thing on your mind but this doesn’t mean that you can’t rock a short hairstyle. As numerous celebrities have shown us these haircuts are ideal for short women. For inspiration you can check out Pink, Halle Berry Or Natalie Portman.