How to Dress 80s style


The 80s style was influenced by the music and film industries. Role models like Madonna, Michael Jackson and actors from Dallas and Magnum became fashion icons. While in the 70s people preferred looser clothes on the bottom and close-fitting tops, a decade later the fashion trend reversed and both women and men began to wear close-fitting pants and looser shirts. The release of the song “Like a virgin” promoted a “street urchin” look with short skirts, leggings, untidy hair and crucifix jewelery. Fashion was also influenced by hip-hop, punk and metal cultures. If you want to dress like someone from the 80’s, the best place to find clothes is at a thrift store.

The 80s style was colorful, with bright mismatched clothes, black and lacy with neon colors. Mini skirts, tight leather pants, colored jeans or ripped skinny jeans were very popular. If you are looking for a dress, go with something metallic and big. Leggins are a key ingredient and you can wear them with oversized T-shirts, slouchy dresses in bright colors and mini skirts. Bumbags can be paired play suits, sporty dresses or baggy jeans.

Madonna wore fishnet gloves, hair bows, rubber bracelets, boytoy belts, tulle skirts and untidy hair with darker roots. Tubular dresses and bolero-style jackets with a visible undergarment were also a common 80s style. Michael Jackson inspired teenagers to wear large leather pants and jackets, accessorized with fingerless gloves and sunglasses. For a punk look you can adorn a leather jacket with safety pins, buttons and patches. Metal clothing included tight worn-out jeans, cut-off denim jackets and white, high trainers.


The 80’s style hairdo was big, messy and eccentric. An excessive amount of hairspray and mousse was used to achieve a shiny look with greater volume. You can use a crimping iron to crimp your hair, including the bangs, and put it into side ponytail. Tease the roots on the bottom or second bottom layer until it is frizzy and hold it in place with hairspray. If you aim for a goth look, comb back your hair.


For the makeup, you need some crazy-colored eyeshadow and mascara. The 80s style makeup was anything but natural. Women painted their face with bright green, blue, pink colors up to the eyebrow. Wash your face and apply foundation to cover under-eye circles and blemishes. Brush on some powder and line you eyes. Apply liquid eyeliner on the top and bottom lid, and when it is half dry rub your fingers over the lines and brush eyeshadow over it. Sweep a light color across your brow bone with a makeup brush. Curl the eyelashes and apply colored mascara. Finish the look with some glittery lip gloss.