The 787 Dreamliner- a pioneer of the next generation of airliners

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The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a wide body, twin engine jet airliner. According to Boeing officials this is the most economic airliner in terms of fuel usage. Furthermore it is the first commercial aircraft that uses composite materials as the main material of the airframe. Due to the need for more efficient and technologically advanced airliners, the Boeing company designed the airplane as a replacement for Boeing 767. It is 20 % more efficient fuel wise, it includes noise reduction chevrons, a four panel windshields and advanced electrical flight systems.

The buzz generated by the advanced airliner resulted in a large number of orders even before the 787 was completed. Although it was supposed to become operational in 2008, it was only in October 2011 that the aircraft managed to enter commercial service. However some obstacles still remained in the airliner’s road to success as its lithium-ion batteries started to be problematic. As a protective method the FAA grounded all the 787s in the US. As a result Japan, India and Chile also grounded their recently acquired jets until the problems were solved. However on 19 April 2013, the FAA approved the new modifications thus allowing airlines to make use again of this aircraft. Taking into account that the Boeing 787 is the most tested commercial airliner we can safely assume that this is the last problem that it will encounter. This can only be good news for airlines around the world as over 800 orders have been placed on the 787. Furthermore the passengers who have had the privilege on flying with the Boeing 787 have been very impressed by the smooth and quiet ride as well the large dimmable windows.

The 787’s flight systems are one of the main advantages of this aircraft. The traditional bleed air and hydraulic power sources are replaced with electrical compressors and pumps. Due to this fact less power is extracted from engines ensuring less fuel usage. The aircraft is also equipped with a wing ice protection system and an active gust alleviation system. The elegant interior can accommodate from 234 to 296 passengers according to the class setup. The interior is also designed to better accommodate [persons with disabilities. Furthermore the windows are the largest ones design for a civil commercial airliner. Being officials declared that the large windows are meant to make every seat feel like a window seat. Furthermore the air conditioning system includes filters that remove airborne particles, odors, viruses, allergens and other similar inconveniences. This features along with many more make the 787 one of the most evolved airliners.

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