The Best 2014 Haircuts


As spring is approaching, it is time to let go of our warm, fluffy clothes in order to make room for colorful, wavy outfits. Furthermore, as we put our hoods and our scarfs aside, we must start preparing our hair for the spring season. Whether your hair is damaged due to the cold winter whether or you simply want to try out a fresher look, the spring is the best season for trying out new haircuts. Lets check out the fashion trends and see what are the best 2014 spring haircuts.

The perfect haircut
This spring, designers advice us to try out the perfect haircut. If this is the first that you are hearing about this haircut, here is what you need to know: this is a shoulder length slightly layered haircut. It can be worn with straight hair as well as with curly or wavy hair. Furthermore, it works with no bangs, side bangs or full bangs. Last but not least, this haircut is suitable for all possible face shapes. Its secret lies in the fact that it frames the face, hiding unflattering features while putting focus on the eyes. This haircut has been worn by numerous celebrities such as Jessica Biel, Jennifer Aniston and many others.

Medium Layered asymmetrical haircuts
If you fancy the perfect haircut presented above but you consider it to be too neat or too common for your taste, you might want to spice it up with some asymmetrical layers. This type of haircut can really make a person stand out in a crowd therefore it is recommended for daring women who don’t mind the spotlight. The medium asymmetrical haircut is best worn with straight hair although it can also look nice with wavy, messy hair. As short haircuts go, this is one of the most popular ones, because they can be adapted to different face shapes and hair types.

Medium bobs
It is hard to imagine a time when the bob haircut will be considered to be old fashioned. This haircut has been popular for several decades now and although it has been reinvented on countless occasions it has retained its initial charm. Therefore, it is no wonder that the bob is also considered to be one of the best 2014 haircuts. However, this year, designers advice us to choose medium bobs. With these haircuts, the hair should be slightly bellow the ear with a few strands barely touching the shoulders. The styling possibilities are endless so feel free to try rich fringes, side bangs or no bangs at all.