Tips For Understanding Men


Men always complain that women are complicated and that they are a lot easier to please. However a man’s mind can be just as tangled and confusing as a woman’s. However the key in any type of relationship is communication and only by truly listening to another person will you be able to understand him. However men and women communicate in different ways and this can cause misunderstandings. Today we are going to discuss a few tips for understanding men.

It is a well known fact that men are highly competitive. This explains a lot of their actions. Men watch sports because they enjoy a good competition and they tend to get rather moody when they lose one (even if it is just an innocent game). So don’t be upset if your partner overreacted over loosing a game of Scrabble. Accepting their competitive is essential to understanding men.

Another thing you must understand is that men are not very good at communication. As a girl you bond with your friends by sharing secrets and constantly debating over the most insignificant details. However boys bond better by being active and playing together. These early childhood habits influence how men and women develop their communication skills. For example while women enjoy constantly saying “I love you” men are less comfortable with declaring their love. Instead they prefer to show it through what may seem like small gestures. For example holding hands in public may seem like a small thing to you, but to a man this is a way of telling the world that he cares about you.

Men’s lack of communication skills can also get them in trouble a lot of times. Make a mental note that men are not very good at taking hints so don’t be upset with him if he didn’t realize what you actually wanted for your birthday. If you want something you should say it in a clear way. While men may hate to ask for directions when traveling they don’t mind them in a relationship. However there is a fine line between teaching a man how to make you happy and constantly nagging him about not making you happy.

Another key tip for understanding men is knowing that they would do anything to get a girl’s attention. You might wonder what made your partner change from a romantic boyfriend to an annoying husband. Well the truth is that women are to blame for these apparent changes. The pressure that women put on the first dates drive men to pretend to be a different person in order to make sure that women are interested in them. In order to avoid such situations try not to have great romantic expectations from the first dates. Instead focus on getting to know the real him. Show genuine interest in his life and he will gladly share information with you. Expecting movie like romantic moments will make you miss the real personal tenderness.