Types of Mattresses


Knowing about the various types of mattresses is very important when you’re about to purchase a new one, because you need to discover what advantages and disadvantages each of them has. Then, you can try to determine what your needs are, and see how they apply to each type, so you can make the right choice. Getting proper rest is vital for the human body, and although the lifestyle that current society promotes doesn’t really allow for it, we need at least 8-9 hours of sleep every night. But with such busy lives, long-hour jobs and responsibilities, that time is drastically cut short; add to that the fact that you cannot accumulate rest, and the importance of a good mattress is more and more clear.

Thus, if we can’t at least sleep as much as we need, we might as well sleep well, and get optimal rest when we can. The first and most common, or rather traditional type of mattress is the innerspring mattress, which functions on the principle of springs and various layers of foam to produce support. Most innerspring mattresses are made with steel coil inner springs, and some, which are made manually, even have individual support for each spring, so the mattress doesn’t get deformed in time, and so that it takes the shape of your body better. Other insulation added is usually made from lamb wool, cotton, and other fibers. If you want a hand-made, allergenic mattress, you may have to spend a few good hundred, or even thousands of dollars.

One of the newer types of mattresses, which are quite popular nowadays, are the memory foam mattresses. As their name suggests, they are made from a special type of foam that bends exactly as your body tells it to, while still supporting it firmly. The mattress itself usually contains several layers of memory foam, and some other fiber and fillings as well, and some newer models even contain a lower layer of gel, which maintains the mattress cool and allows it to breathe. This is in fact a much-needed solution, because one of the most common complaints related to memory foam mattresses has to do with them storing heat.

A less known type of mattress is the latex mattress, which uses layers of a special type of latex and is thus much firmer than common ones. It is recommended only to those who like to sleep on something more firm, sort of like a couch. The air mattress is ideal for those with severe back pain, or who are recovering from injury; one of the main advantages of an air mattress is that you can adjust its firmness levels, and some models even allow for separate adjustment for couples who prefer different types of mattresses. The waterbed is a fun addition to your bedroom, but not everyone can sleep on something that continuously moves at your slightest twitch. Whatever type you want to choose, remember that this is a long-term investment and purchase, so read some mattress reviews before making a decision; a good mattress can last you a lifetime, but it is indicated to change it  every 10-15 years not only because it can collect dust and fungi, but because your body changes as well, and so do its needs.